Next person to hit my arm as they walk past, loses theirs. >>

You are ABSOLUTELY saying that I’m pretty sure it was subject of the entire song.

these obscure romance novelists’ fetishes are getting really specific





Cat audition for Sabrina the Teenage Witch for the role of Salem

i love this

new favorite photo

i really wonder which one won omg

do you guys really believe this caption like are you guys seriously that dumb oh my god

I wonder if there’s a point in life where you become okay with having a drink on your own? Like even just waiting for my next bus and having a quick beer makes me so hideously uncomfortable.

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Super happy with this! Cheers Rich!

A little bloody. Great start to the day @blackanchortattoosheffield thanks again Ben :) For appointments email;
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Alright guys, it’s here!
Greyscale Devices and I are giving away a Slaughterhouse Fuzz and a T Shirt. All you have to do is be following this blog and Greyscale Devices and then like and reblog this picture. I’ll be choosing a winner the beginning of May. 
The winner will have their choice of Small, Medium, Large or XL for the T Shirt and they’ll receive the Slaughterhouse Fuzz in the picture (same one I demo’d)
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I can’t win, but if you’re from the US of A you should get in on this. Because Greyscale and FYEP are awesome, and their logos are both really cool.
Bank holidays can fuck right off.

I have to work tomorrow so should you fuckers.


Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash. Photo by David Lachapelle